I love working with singers. This work centres on supporting each singer to sing from who they are and to express poetically or dramatically through song, oratorio, opera, or musical theatre or popular music the essential meaning of a given text and/or a given character.

My life-long passion for languages comes in handy in this work. My specialties are French, German, and English. I have a good knowledge also of Italian and Scandinavian languages. Unfortunately my knowledge of Russian is limited to two sentences and three one-word responses.

I have years and years of experience working with many different voice teachers, and am fascinated by how each one brings their own 'piece' of this miraculous puzzle which is vocal technique.

Please get in touch if you would like to have an initial coaching session. We can then discuss the possibilities regarding continuing work together on a regular basis. When time permits I am happy to play for lessons, auditions, and competitions. And of course, Art Song recitals! (for which I can provide support and guidance in programming matters)

Mobile number in Toronto: 647 405 SONG (which translates to 7664).

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