I am thrilled to have an opportunity to visit Norway, Edvard Grieg's homeland, this November. I will be studying the Norwegian language & working with experts on Grieg's song repertoire. The Royal Norwegian Embassy & the Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada have given me a grant to cover the costs of travel. I am now starting a fund-raising project in order to cover training fees & accommodation. If you would like to invest in the future training that I will be offering Canadian singers on Grieg's richly beautiful vocal repertoire, please consider the following levels of support:

SUPPORTER $29+     - I will send you a gorgeous postcard from  Norway.
IMPRESARIO $297+  - A house concert in your own home & acknowledgment on this website.
Deep appreciation to: 
Carolynn Bart Riedstra and Lutzen Riedstra Sr. 
Kelly Walker and Ray Harsant 
for being Investors in this project.

And to:
Marcia Matsui and Roger Cotton
The Space Within (Karen and Bill James-Abra, Linda Mackay, Martine Becu, Anne-Marie Lappano)
for generous support at the level of Impresarios.

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