June 20, 2010

Stratford audience

  1. Just back from playing my "Ravel meets Grieg" recital program on my favourite piano. SUCH a lovely audience tonight: the kind you want to wrap up in a nice little box & take with you for when you need support. There was even a rock concert whoop when I finished my final piece. Classical concerts need more whooping & hollering, in my humble opinion.
    People always ask about my encore; Daina #14 by Latvian composer, Janis Medins, a piece I've loved since I heard it as a kid when Arturs Ozolins (the pianist, not the hockey player) played it. I'm really hoping to purchase an actual published collection of Medins Dainas in Riga; it would be nice to have more legible scores than what I've got, and then hopefully I could learn the entire set and record them.

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