July 4, 2010

"Your face is out there!"

Yesterday we took a bus to Ã˜ystese, which is about 100 km from Bergen, situated on the Hardangerfjord, surrounded by mountains.  An incredibly beautiful trip, through impressive tunnels and winding mountain roads.  The bus was slowly making its way through another holiday town to let off and take on passengers when my daughter said "Your face is out there!" and pointed behind us out the window.   "What?"  "Your face is out there!"  Some explanation was needed for me to grasp her meaning.  Apparently she had spotted a poster with a fairly large photo of me on it!  So, I guess today's Kabuso concert has been quite well advertised.

I had a chance to practise a little in the hall; a Steinway B this time, with great willingness to provide singing tone.  Much heavier action than the Troldhaugen piano; I will focus on not overplaying.  The top end is extremely bright; in fact it has the capacity to sound like shards of shattering plate glass.  Not a sound I will need in this program.

We have spent the night a the "Skinny Beds R Us" hotel, which was comfortable enough, but I had to move an easy chair over to the side of my bed so that I could relax about not falling out of bed.  There was also intense noisiness to contend with overnight due to a rock band festival at one end of the hotel.
Now to find breakfast and then head over to prepare for the first of two concerts today.  Kabuso, then a drive back to Bergen for the Troldhaugen concert.

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  1. I think "your face is out there" should be your tag line.
    Just kidding...
    May there be sunshine and a full house!