January 20, 2012

Shaping the Program

I am quite excited about the shape this disc's program takes.  There is a definite sense of an overall arch. The first track starts gently and the music gradually intensifies towards the last third or so of the recording, culminating in a very beautiful piece that I stumbled upon with the fantastic title "I wander absorbed in Thoughts" (Jeg går i tusen tanker), which obviously is again quite introspective.  

My guiding principle in programming my recordings is perhaps somewhat unique.  I have a great passion for creating a progression or “flow” for the listener, very consciously choosing repertoire and the order of the repertoire so that the listener is taken on a journey from the beginning to the end of the disc.  Although the current prevalence of single downloaded tracks and the “shuffle” function is widespread, my listeners often express to me that they listen to my entire disc repeatedly.  I take this to mean that my focus on this aspect of the recording is not for nothing.

This third disc will again feature a mix of both well-known and rare pieces, programmed not in order of opus, but with a focus on how the listener will move from one piece to the next. This third disc will also offer a bit of completion to the other discs, in that if a listener is looking for a recording of a complete opus, this will now be possible to find within the “trilogy”: over the course of the three CDs, one can find the entire Opus 41 and Opus 52 (Grieg’s own transcriptions of 12 of his songs), as well as From Holberg’s Time (Opus 40), and the Lyric Pieces Opus 57 and Opus 62.

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