October 11, 2013

Fun venue

Last weekend I performed a recital at the Wellington County Museum near Elora, Ontario. It's a nice intimate venue with the piano  situated right in the middle of the current exhibit.  

I performed there a year ago as well.

The backdrop of the specific installation in both cases created quite a particular atmosphere in the room.

Last year the prominent view (photo on the left) was of a hearse and accompanying mourning mannequins, meant to recreate the cort├Ęge in a child's funeral. The irony of this (those who know my personal story will understand) appealed to my black humour and I found it very difficult to contain my laughter throughout the recital.

As I was preparing for last week's recital, I was curious to see what the backdrop would be this year. As you can see from the photo on the right, well...

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