December 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Volume Two!

I just happened to notice that my 2nd solo CD ("Piano Music of Edvard Grieg: Volume 2") was released exactly two years ago today.  I have trouble understanding exactly how two years could have passed since then, but then again 2010 and 2011 have been a time of great challenge in my life as many of you know.

As I get going again with renewed focus on my performing and recording career after somewhat of a hiatus for the past 16 months, I just thought I'd take a moment to mark the occasion of this anniversary with a little blogpost. Stay tuned for news of the next recording as well; there's a "Piano Music of Edvard Grieg: Volume 3" brewing. It was December 2006 when I first went to the studio to record "Piano Music of Edvard Grieg" (Volume 1). Apparently Grieg has now had me in his clutches for five full years and shows no signs of letting go of me.

By the way, as it's that time of year when gift-giving is all the rage, you may consider purchasing one of the copies of Volume 2 that I have left.  I'm offering the discs at a price of $15 (CDN) this month, and should likely be able to get you yours in time for Christmas. Please get in touch through my facebook page, or by my email address found on my website, or by commenting on this post.

Oh, and also, if you would just like to hear some Grieg yourself as a break from all the Christmas music, you can hear tracks (for free!) on the "listen and buy" page at or at bandcamp. Of course you can also download said tracks for a modest fee...

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