March 10, 2011

Moving Forward

Mogenpianist hasn't exactly been known for her blogging regularity lately. Hopefully this post will launch a bit more activity here.

The winter shows signs of transforming into spring soon.  I'm all for the melting and slushiness that makes for messy boots and shoes, as it points ahead.  It feels like winter has gone on a little too long this time around, but of course it was an absolutely necessary season.  A holding pattern. A time of reflection and deep processing.  It has been a very important part of the journey for me.   I am very grateful that I was able to take time to just "be" and move through the days with a minimum number of commitments.  (for more context, you may want to read my previous post)

As the snow melts, I find myself beginning to look ahead a little more. Moving Forward while at the same time remembering the way of BEing in the present that I have learned about in recent months.  A delicate balance, to be sure.  I think the key to this involves a great deal of awareness and noticing of the things that are presented.  Are there patterns in what comes up? Is there a feeling of being energized or joyful in what comes into one's day?  These are the things to notice and respond to.

Interestingly, in the past 24 hours, I have received quite a few indications that it is now time to start looking toward the creation of another CD.  Patterns indeed.  And, yes...I do feel energized as I envision this.  Volume Three of Piano Music of Edvard Grieg?  I have enough repertoire for such a disc.  It looks like it may be time to get more concrete about it and that of course starts with fund-raising and planning timelines.

More on these ideas soon.  I'd love to hear any feedback that you, my supporters, may have to offer.
Thanks for reading & listening!

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  1. More Grieg?? Yes, please!!! Always excited to see and hear Norwegian culture. Hilsen fra Judy.