February 11, 2012


A few of the pieces on Volume 3 of SANDRA MOGENSEN: Piano Music of Edvard Grieg were unknown to me until very recently. One in particular that caught my interest had a very interesting "folk-y" sound, emulating the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. Its English title evokes kind of a fun concept: Wedding March of the Goblins...of course goblins would need their own special wedding music! When I looked at the original Norwegian title though, I really thought it might present some interesting possibilities: Tussebrurefæra på Vossevangen.  Armed with my treasured iPhone I set out to enlist the help of my community. 

Many thanks to my students and friends (and total strangers!) for being willing to give the pronunciation a go for my little video project. Watching the video, you will see many valiant attempts - and then finally the most authentic renditions of these three words come from the Scandinavians. Of course. Judy has Norwegian background and it shows! The lovely Swedes that I accosted at the TIFF Lightbox also had no trouble with it. I had hoped to visit the Norwegian Consulate for another definitive version, but so far I have not had a chance to make it there.

I look forward to releasing the CD so that you all can hear this piece of music...it's very fun and quite beautiful. As well, we have filmed me performing the piece at the Glenn Gould Studio, so stay tuned for the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO...

In case you haven't yet seen the Tussebrura video, click here to watch it.
Many thanks to Siobhan Stroobandt for doing an amazing job of video-editing!

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