March 15, 2012


When I released my first solo CD back in 2007, I was quite excited about having a "product" that people could actually buy and take home. Throughout my entire career up until then, I had only "services" on offer. Not that those services are anything to sneeze at: performances, teaching, coaching, adjudicating, giving workshops, etc. But none of these can be held in your hand.

Now, it turns out the recordings that people purchase aren't always in a tangible hold-it-in-your-hand format anymore after all what with all the other formats available. (see previous post regarding survey results) But I still get a kick out of taking a stack of CDs to an actual store or sending them in the mail to the purchaser (well actually, my "Mail Order Dept."/Mom does that) - the novelty of doing this has not worn off.

So, maybe I should be getting into selling "merch" as well? I don't think I'm quite up for selling t-shirts at this point, but you never know.  The following is the closest I get to offering Sandra Mogensen/Edvard Grieg merchandise: as a thank you for a $10 donation to the Volume 3 recording project, I am offering some very swell "Rainbow-Grieg Fridge Magnets". (donations can be made by clicking the "donate" button on the right side of this page) I had these magnets available for previous projects and still come across them now and then in people's homes, so here they are again; designed by my daughter. You must admit, as fridge magnets go, they are pretty lovely...

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