March 22, 2012

4th & final "4@4"

A happy audience!

I'm quite glad to have done this little "4@4" house concert project this month. I've enjoyed it and have felt some warm support and lovely response from my audiences. This Sunday (March 25, 2012) is not only the final concert of the series, but in fact is also the final concert on the piano I have owned for the past nearly twenty years and the final concert in this house. Mogenpianist is making a move, a shift, and it involves selling both home and piano and a whole lot more! It's all good and quite exciting.

Stay tuned to see how the next chapter unfolds.  In the mean time, perhaps you can make it this Sunday to hear some of the repertoire from my upcoming Volume 3 release or perhaps we'll cross paths in other ways.  Many thanks to all who are part of my support team for my latest recording project!

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