November 6, 2012

Brief update

I had promised to post about my whereabouts & adventures; somehow it has taken a few weeks to get to it.

The idea was to travel to Latvia and stay there for a couple of months working on my Latvian language skills, and practising some new Latvian repertoire...this while waiting to hear from the Danish Embassy regarding my potential residence permit, which as far as I understood could take until the end of November to hear about.  Hah! I arrived in Riga, Latvia on October 3rd and as I was waiting for my luggage I checked my email and there it was! My first minutes in Latvia...and the Danish government is telling me I have a year-long visa to live in Denmark, effective immediately!

Lately, my observation is that although planning seems to be necessary in order to function in life, more often than not what one has planned is not how things turn out...

So, two months in Latvia turned into two weeks, which were lovely. Then, a week in Copenhagen, a week in Dublin to visit my daughter & good friends, then back to Copenhagen. I will be here until the end of November, then back to Canada for December. Then January back in Copenhagen for real.

Joyous adventures.

So, contact info is still by email mogenpianist at gmail dot com, by phone in Canada at 647 405 7664. (Actually I get calls & voice mail at this number even when I'm not in Canada.) And, there's always facebook. Stay in touch!

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  1. Amazing how life is unfolding for you. The "letting go" vs. planning or trying to control piece is especially interesting. There's a good quote, "Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go." (Herman Hesse)